How to Customize Navigation Menu

Step 1: Go to Admin > Design Builder

Typically, You can find Admin Link at header or footer of your Site.
Admin URL is http://yoursiteid.ogoga.com/act-acmin/.

Step 2: Click "Design"

Select the Slot that is currently applied, and Click Design Button.

Step 3: Select Navigation Module

You can find Module Type at Side Menu. Select Module Type and Module Name.

Step 4: Design and Config

Module Source is composed Common HTML and Design Code(Start { to } end).
Typically recommend to edit HTML, without touching the Design Code.
Check Container Module name of "Followings include this module".

The structure of the Navigation Menu data is consist of Title | Address | Description.
The depth of the navigation menu : + is level 1, ++ is level 2.

This is results of the Navigation Menu data.

More Info: Change the order of the {BoardList}

Go to Admin > Design Builder.

You can adjust the order of the board by click ▲ and ▼.

More Info: Create Navigation Module

If you want to create new Navigation Module, use Create Module Form.

Check created Module name.

Select a Container Module you want to include the newly created Navigation Module.

Find Design Code of Navigation Module.

Edit Code to use the newly created Module.
Posted at 01-17-2013 11:34 AM
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