How to Customize Article Extractor on Home Screen

Step 1: Go to Admin > Design Builder

Typically, You can find Admin Link at header or footer of your Site.
Admin URL is http://yoursiteid.ogoga.com/act-acmin/.

Step 2: Click "Design"

Select the Slot that is currently applied, and Click Design Button.

Step 3: Select Extractor Module

You can find Module Type at Side Menu. Select Module Type and Module Name.

Step 4: Design and Config

Module Source is composed Common HTML and Design Code(Start { to } end).
Typically recommend to edit HTML, without touching the Design Code.

More Info: CSS Editing

If you want to edit CSS, Select Module Type CSS.

Most of the CSS style from the Module Named Base could be found.

More Info: Create Extractor Module

If you want to create new Extractor Module, use Create Module Form.

Select created Module Name.

Copy & Paste the source of an existing Module is recommended to begin with.

You can use newly created Article Module by editing Home Screen.
Select Module Type Home, and find Design Code of Extractor Module.

Edit Code to use the newly created Module.
Posted at 01-16-2013 05:44 PM
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